Multiple Types of InstallmentĀ Loans are Available when you need financial help.

We have all needed installment loans at one point in our life for some reason. Even if you never thought you would need one, here you are today looking into them. A typical installment loan is a short term lending option that is typically paid off over your next few pay days. However, there are multiple types of lending options, and not all require immediate payment. You do have options and Match Financial wants you to know them all.

Certain things are certainly the same among all installment loan options, but some things are certainly different. Each meets certain needs as one’s financial situation may dictate. A person should make the best choice for themselves when considering which type of loan to borrow. Match Financial partners with a wide variety of lenders in order to find the right kind of loan for you.

Online Installment Loans for the Tech-savvy

One of the fastest-growing segments of the installment loan industry is online installment loans. Among all types of installment loans, online installment loans are probably one of the most convenient. One gets on the internet, finds a website and applies for a loan. If approved, funds are usually direct deposited and payments withdrawn upon the borrower’s next few paydays. Certainly more convenient than brick-and-mortar installment loan lenders, since it doesn’t require writing a check or traveling anywhere.

types of installment loansHowever, online installment loan terms vary by lender, as each has their own terms and conditions. Some deposit funds quickly, others wait a little longer. Some require more documentation than others, as some may require applicants fax certain documents before approval.

Same Day Installment Loans

Same day installment loans are, essentially, exactly what they sound like. Installment loans, where the funds are deposited on the same day. Most brick-and-mortar installment loan stores could be considered same day installment loans. A number of online lenders also offer same day loan services. There is, however, a possibility, as with all online lenders, that faxing of additional documents and other terms and conditions may be applied as part of receiving same-day funds.

Installment Loans, No Fax Required

When considering which of the types of installment loans one wishes to choose from, a prospective borrower has to know what they are and aren’t willing to necessarily do to secure their funding. Perhaps a person wants an online loan but doesn’t want to have to fax or e-mail additional paperwork. One can get installment loans, no fax required, as many lenders do offer those services. No fax instalment loans may come with additional requirements and terms compared to other loan options, as with any loan product, but many lenders are certainly willing to provide them. Match Financial partners with many lenders who don’t require a thing be faxed at all.

Instant Installment Loans

For some people, same day loans aren’t quick enough; the funds are needed immediately. Instant installment loans are for exactly the sort of person who needs the loan funds now. Funds are deposited as quickly as possible, via direct deposit, often within a few hours at most. Lenders may require documents be faxed before depositing the funds, they also might not; it depends on precisely which lender approves you.

Here to Fit Your Needs

Match Financial partners with a wide variety and number of lenders to find the types of installment loans to fit your needs and your situation. Whatever your requirements for a loan might be, we can help find the loan for you. Apply today!

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